Self Defense Workshops

Self Defense workshops are for people at any age and any ability.  If you would like to schedule a self defense workshop for your small group, please contact Jeannie or call her at 214-686-1312.

Yell & Tell
for girls and boys ages 6 - 9

This fun and interactive program helps young boys and girls simple things to remember to avoid danger. The focus of the class will be: how to say "NO"; avoiding dangerous situations; learning how to set boundaries so they recognize when someone is too close; and what to do if a situation makes them feel uncomfortable. The goal is to encourage young people to "yell" when threatened and to "tell" a safe adult immediately.

Real life scenarios include answering the door, answering the phone, stranger danger, and what to do in an emergency. At the end of the class girls will take action to and break a board to help them feel empowered! Parents are encouraged to stay.


Mother/Daughter Self Defense 
For girls ages 9 - 14 and their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, or adult mentors

This program is designed to help mothers and daughters learn simple techniques to keep them safe. Learn what little changes you can make in your every day lives to make you more aware of your surroundings and safer. Learn about intuition, how to listen to it, and how to follow those little feelings. Mothers and daughters will have fun learning new skills to help escape a potentially dangerous situation.

Dating & Self Defense 
For young women ages 14+

This workshop focuses on boundary setting and how to avoid dangerous situations. Instruction focuses on awareness skills, learning to trust your instincts, and simple fighting techniques.

Self Defense for Women
For women ages 17+

This is a powerful, 12 hour program designed to teach young women tje next steps in self-defense. Discussion will include the warning signs of dating violence, what to do if you or a friend is in a dangerous relationship and what to do if you or your a friend is a victim.  Participants will learn self defense techniques for ground assaults, elevator self-defense, more hand to hand self-defense, and includes practice with a padded assailant.