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Taking ADHD Medication


  • Increased ability to tune out distractions
  • Improved ability to stay on task

 Side Effects tend to improve over time

□   Stimulants

  • Decrease in appetite – Patients should eat regularly even when they are not hungry. Just because you don’t feel hungry doesn’t mean your blood sugar isn’t dropping. This is especially important in the afternoon. Have a healthy snack ready immediately after school.
  • Problems falling asleep at night – take long-acting (8-12hours) medicine no later than 10am, take shorter acting medicine ( 4hours)  no later than 5-6p.
  • Heart rate changes

□   Non-Stimulants

  • Nausea – especially if a dose is skipped
  • Sleepiness – when increasing the dose


  • Stimulant prescriptions must be provided to the pharmacy within 21 days.
  • Allow 2 business days for refill requests by phone 972-733-6565 option 2 or through our Secure Patient Portal on our website
  • Prescriptions must be picked up at the office, they cannot be sent directly to the pharmacy.


  • Keep all medication in a safe, secure area
  • Never share with others. There is a risk of cardiac events in people with certain conditions and it is illegal.
  • Travel with limited quantities
  • Always report theft of medicines to police

  Follow-Up Appointments

  • Monthly – Initially close follow-up is required until dosing is stable. You will work with the physician to determine the medication dose that maximizes function while minimizing side effects.
  • Every 3 months (or as determined by the physician) – Once dosage is stable, appointments are required every 3 months to monitor blood pressure and dispense the refill prescription.