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Homework Tips

Teen Tips

 Establish routines for homework. Be consistent about times and places when possible. Stick to the schedule as closely as possible as often as possible.

 Limit distractions. Find a place to work on homework that minimizes distractions (e.g. table without clutter, avoid temptation of phone, tv and other electronics, away from sibling’s tv show, etc.)

 Take Breaks Limit study sessions to discrete intervals followed by short breaks (e.g. 15 minute or 20 minute study segments with 5 minute breaks in between.) Exercise for 5 minutes, text a few friends or paint your nails. Most importantly go IMMEDIATELY back to studying after the short break.

 Break mountains into molehills. Divide assignments into smaller parts.

 Set your priorities. First, work on projects and homework assignments that are due tomorrow. Second, work on projects that are due next week or next month.

 Track your homework.  Develop strategies for making sure your assignments get from home to the teacher. This means getting homework  from table/desk at home into the backpack  backpack from home to school  out of the backpack into the classroom  from the seat in the classroom to the teacher’s desk. Anyone with ADHD can tell you how hard this can be!

Parent Tips

Apples don’t fall far from trees. And love is not always enough.  Students with ADHD often have parents with ADHD. Work most closely with the parent best able to help you. Sometimes students and parents do not study well together. Find a teacher or a tutor for help with specific subjects or with long-term project management if your parents are not good at these tasks either.

Praise and Compliment. When a good effort has been put forth and tasks are completed.

No nagging! Use non-verbal communication whenever possible (checklists, calendar reminders, polite gestures, reward incentives, schedules, timers, etc.) to avoid emotional battles around homework habits and expectations.

Set your child up to succeed independently. Unless you plan on going to college with your child, do everything you can to do as little as possible for your child when it comes to monitoring and completing homework. The earlier, the better.