Your most important goal: Love and Protect Yourself

You have only two jobs to do in order to become a secure, stable person who can function independently in the adult world.  (Everything else is commentary.)


Love Yourself: Your first task is to learn to understand, accept, and value yourself for who you are—what you can change and what you can’t, what you want to be and what you don’t.

Protect Yourself: Your next task is to develop the knowledge, skills, and motivation to take good care of your health, your safety, and your future.







Who helps you love and protect yourself?

How do YOU love and protect yourself?

Right Choices, Right Reasons

Your job is to become the kind of person who can make good choices for your own good reasons (not just because someone else says so, but because you know it’s what you need to do). 

Ask yourself

  • Is it a decision I will feel proud of?  If it doesn’t honor what you love and value about yourself, it’s not the right choice.
  • Is it good for me?  If it takes away from your ability to protect your health, your safety, or your future, then why would you do it?
  • Is it safe? 

So, before you decide, ask yourself why …