Girls to Women Office Policies


When scheduling appointments, please be clear which type of visit you want so that we can allow adequate time to meet your needs.  To best accommodate your scheduling preferences, please schedule your follow-up appointment at the time of check-out. 

  • Preventive/Wellness Visit. Recommended once a year, this is a time to review general well-being, update the status of chronic medical conditions, review and refill stable prescription medications, update immunizations, determine laboratory testing needed, and discuss developmentally-based health education.  Your provider will perform a thorough physical exam and complete any routine athletic physical forms if needed. This visit does not include addressing new problems, prescribing new medications or making changes to current prescriptions.
  • Medical Office Visit. This visit includes evaluation, treatment and/or follow-up of health issues, problems and/or concerns. Due to the complex needs of our patients, some visits may require extended time (additional fees may be billed). You will be responsible for the additional fees not covered by insurance.
  • Combined Preventive/Wellness plus Medical Office Visit. If BOTH types of services are provided in one appointment, both services will be billed.  Some insurance companies do not pay for both services on the same day; you will be responsible for the additional fees not covered by insurance.
  • Telemedicine Visit. This is a scheduled appointment conducted over a secure two-way video platform between the patient and the medical provider. This appointment is billed as medical office visit.


We know that your time is valuable and make every effort to minimize your wait.  Please understand that every patient has unique needs and that some may require more time than was planned.  Thank you for understanding that we will give you extra time when you need it as well.


A missed appointment is a missed opportunity to ensure your health and wellness.  In order to sustain our unique practice, appointments must be cancelled more than 24 hours in advance so that another patient has the opportunity to fill that slot. No shows, cancellations and appointments rescheduled less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time are billed a cancellation fee.  If you arrive late to your appointment, you may encounter a longer wait time or the appointment may need to be rescheduled (and a cancellation fee will be charged). You will be responsible for the cancellation fees.


Most prescription refills require a scheduled office visit to assess and possibly modify treatment.  Please ensure that your follow-up medical visit occurs prior to running out of medication.  If you do miss an appointment, please call to re-schedule your appointment.  Check your medication supply to ensure the re-scheduled appointment will occur before you need a refill.   We do not honor refill requests from pharmacies, and we do not provide refills after normal business hours. Please allow 3-5 business days to process a refill request; there may be a processing fee for medication refills handled outside of an office visit.


This includes school/camp forms, prior authorizations, letters from medical providers, review of medical records, and other paperwork that require staff and medical provider time. Fees will be billed for this service; you will be responsible for the fee.


We appreciate your cooperation in providing detailed information to our clinical staff to best facilitate a timely response to your concerns.  Urgent phone calls will be assigned according to clinical priority for response as soon as possible.  All non-urgent messages will be returned within the next 2 business days.  We encourage use of our confidential Patient Portal as an efficient way to communicate non-urgent information between patients and our medical providers. Please contact our staff for more information on registering for our Patient Portal.  Our non-encrypted email address (e.g. is only for non-urgent, non-confidential matters. There may be a fee billed for telephone treatment that avoids a medical visit. You will be responsible for the fees not covered by insurance.  


Please limit after-hours phone calls to emergencies only.  Medication refills will only be handled during normal business hours. You can leave a message on our main voicemail or email your question using the confidential Secure Patient Portal.


We may send you automated voice and text messages through your wireless provider to the valid mobile or landline number that you have provided us.   This is a standard-rate messaging program where message and data rates may apply.  Messages include appointment reminders, prescription refill messages, general test results and other information.  We respect your need for privacy and we will not send you telemarketing related messages or share your contact details with anyone.