Senior Workshops


Explore and define what girls need to be successful in their school, family, and community and what roadblocks stand in their way.   This workshop focuses on leadership traits and how women are influenced in their decisions.  Topics will include:  friendships, women as leaders, leadership traits, courage, character, ethics, and how boys and men influence women as leaders. For more information or to schedule a workshop, contact Sharlene.

Girls will complete the Create It requirement and possibly the Guide It requirement.


Mission Sisterhood

Discover, Connect,Take Action! The notion of expanding one’s sisterhood is central to this journey. It helps senior girls develop healthy, authentic friendships and build self-confidence so they can maximize their potential. They are encouraged to relate to other girls in ways that make them feel good about themselves, so they can become a positive role model to others. Through their stories, the girls begin to feel more connected to their communities locally and globally so they can begin to enrich the lives of others. For more information or to schedule a workshop, contact Miki.

This workshop completes the Sisterhood Award and allows you to begin a Sisterhood Project 


Women's Health

Adolescence is the best time to learn about and practice positive health habits.  This workshop includes discussion on the following topics: stress, drugs & alcohol, healthy diets, bones, careers in medicine, and healthy relationships.   For more information or to schedule a workshop, contact Sharlene.