FruitEat Well...Live Well

These are goals to strive for; no one is perfect and achieves all these goals every day. We want you to understand that the choices you make about food and exercise impact your physical and emotional health. Be empowered!

5 -  Fruit/Vegetable servings per day (fresh is best)

4 - Dairy/Calcium-rich foods per day

3 - Bottles/glasses of water per day

2 - Hours of screen time (texting, computer, tv) per day

1 - Hour of exercise (can be broken down into smaller segments) per day

0 - Sweetened drinks (including sodas, sweet tea and fruit juices)

Eat a Protein Breakfast daily

Make sure it includes a good source of protein such as egg whites, turkey bacon, greek yogurt, kashi cereal, protein smoothies.

Sleep 8-9 hours per night. link to sleep tips

Create your own stress reduction plan link to stress busters

Include “time outs” (read, listen to music, dance), blowing bubbles, doing something creative, and talking to a trusted adult.

 Monitor your hunger: Eat when hungry,  STOP when full. Eat slowly.