Strong BonesStrong Bones

Strong bones need calcium, vitamin D and bone-strengthening activity. It’s not enough to just eat right or just get lots of physical activity. It takes all of these to make bones strong. So jump to it! 

Calcium needs for growing teens is 1300 mg daily.

Calcium helps bones grow right. When the body makes new bone tissue, it first lays
down a framework of a protein called collagen.Ccalcium from the blood spreads
throughout the collagen framework. The hard crystals of calcium attach to the bone structure. Calcium and collagen work together to make bones strong and flexible.

Calcium is also needed for many other activities within the body such as muscle strength, neural communication (the way your nerves and brain send signals to each other) and heart and lung functions. If the body doesn’t get enough calcium from food and drinks, it takes it from bones, which can make them weaker.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps your body store calcium in your bones. Your bones can’t do their job without vitamin D. Lots of foods have calcium, but vitamin D can be harder to find. Being outside in the sun for about 10-15 minutes (without sunscreen) is usually adequate to generate enough vitamin D.

Physical Activity

Physical activity helps bones become stronger and thicker, just as muscle gets stronger and bigger the more you use it. Bones are living tissue. Bone-strengthening activity cause new bone tissue to form, making bones even stronger. Physical activity also makes you better coordinated, which can make you less likely to fall and break a bone. 

Calcium Suggestions

  • Milk(80z)=300mg

  • Orange juice with calcium (8 oz) = 300 mg

  • Cheese (1 oz) = 200-300 mg

  • Almonds (24 whole) = 70 mg

  • Calcium Supplements (e.g. Adora, Viactiv,


    Minimum: 1300 mg/day

    (500 mg at any one time) 


Ingredients for Strong Bones